Let’s use this space to get to know each other a little more. Here you will find information about this project and some more about each one of us. Do you have time? Stay then, and delve into the MOOS’s world.



Moos is a tourism communication project, based mainly on the cultural, gastronomic and entertainment proposals of Barcelona. But this is only the beginning, since little by little we will be exploring more, outside of Barcelona, so that we can offer you information on all the places we visit.

The idea that triggered the creation of Moos was to show you the places as we see them, we live them and we enjoy them. We want you to have the point of view of a “local” and to be able to take advantage of each piece of information, each video and each article that we provide you. Either because you will be traveling around here, or you live near the places we show and then you will be able to try them (and tell us if you agree with us or not); or because you simply enjoy the content we upload.

The idea behind MOOS is that everything you will find on this blog, on our social media

(FACEBOOK / INSTAGRAM) and on YOUTUBE, is made with love and with the best vibe. We want you to be informed, entertained and at ease.

Having said all this, let’s continue so that you can meet the team.

Regards. See you soon.

Mariela Gualtieri

Tourist Guide / Actress

I arrived in Barcelona with my whole life in three suitcases and eager to start a new chapter. Knowing other cultures, traveling and having the experience of living far from my native place (Buenos Aires) were some of the reasons why I started this trip.

I was a teacher, I took part in theater productions and I studied tourism. While working in a travel agency I met Ulises, the best partner I can have. And with him, the idea of ​​a Barcelona together was born.

Nowadays I am a tourist guide and I enjoy every day sharing this beautiful city with those who come to visit it.


Ulises De Simone

Designer / Musician / Actor

From a young age I knew that I would not be the type of person who lives in one place, and with little more than a trumpet and some clothes, I left Buenos Aires going where the wind took me. Well, it was not exactly like that, but it sounds interesting!

The data says that I lived for a time between Ensenada and Tijuana, for another in the beautiful city of Palermo, in Sicily; and in my beloved Barcelona for years now, after trying a few Spanish cities.

Having studied advertising, I devoted myself more to graphic and web design, to playing here and there, and I have had some very interesting forays into theater and acting projects.

Now that I enjoy sharing life with Mariela, we decided to get involved in this tourist / informative / recreational project (or however you want to define it), to which we dedicate a lot of love and good vibes. Hopefully you can enjoy watching it as much as we do.


Simone "Fingers" ???

Photographer / Video editor / Musician

I was born in Italy, during the best time in history, the fabulous 80s. I grew up in a creative environment and from a young age I approached the art world, first with music, with a drum kit with which I annoyed the neighbors for a long time. After turning «XX» years old I decided to move to Barcelona, ​​looking for a new chapter in my life.

There I came in contact with the most prevalent culture in the city (that is: argentinian “barbecue and fernet”) and decided to start with this wonderful project that will allow me to get filthy rich.

Basically what every rockstar is looking for in their life.



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